While our styles keep pace with the times, we tend to do business the old-fashioned way. We offer you a toll-free phone number to encourage you to call us. When you do, you won’t be greeted by a machine or series of automated prompts; rather, a friendly, intelligent customer service representative will answer your questions or take your order. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and don’t rest until you are satisfied.

Other companies impose minimum opening orders and minimum reorders to make sure that you’re worth their effort. Sure, we like to receive big orders, but we also recognize that sometimes when your cases are full, your customer will still choose an item that you don’t have in stock. We impose no minimum order – that’s right, no minimums – and are confident that when we put forth our effort, you will follow suit and reward us with your business and loyalty.

We also have a fantastic team of independent sales representatives throughout the United States that are eager to call on you, show you our products in person, and describe our policies in greater detail.